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Check out the massive kype on this 10 LB.+ male brown.
Unpainted brown trout plug.
12 LB. brown mount 002 (Medium).jpg
The mount of Colin's 12 LB. brown.
12 LB. hook mount 002_800x600.JPG
A head shot of my grandson's 12 LB.+ hookjaw mount.
12 LB. hook mount 008_800x600.JPG
Another shot of a 12 LB. hookjaw mount.
bass pros 062_thumb.jpg
Steve Corbett's wife caught this nice brown in Colorado recently.
The mount of my 10.75 LB. hookjaw from Crescent Lake back in 2000.
Brown Trout 001 (Medium).jpg
My grandson, Colin's, 12 LB.+ buck brown mount
Brown Trout 004 (Medium)~0.jpg
A head close up of my Grandson's 12 LB. hookjaw mount. No teeth or clear coat yet.
Brown_Trout x 1_800x600.jpg
An unusual sea-run brown trout mount from the Trinity River.
DSCN0217 (Custom).JPG
Large hen brown mount.
DSCN0459 (Medium).JPG
My grandson Colin's two brown trout mounts. One was 9 LB. 10 oz. and other was 12 LB. 6 oz.
DSCN0460 (Medium).JPG
Colin and his "Trophy Wall"
DSCN0532 (Medium).JPG
A unique spotting pattern on this big hen brown mount.
DSCN0540 (Medium).JPG
Just cleared this nice brown mount.
Eric_s trophy wall 002_800x600.JPG
Doesn't get any better than your first two browns being a 21 LB. hen and a 14 LB. hookjaw. Your soooo lucky!
Eric_s trophy wall 003_800x600.JPG
Eric Cole's 14 LB. and 21 LB. brown trout mounts on his fire place mantel.
Eric_s trophy wall 005_800x600.JPG
Eric caught this 14 LB. hookjaw just weeks after his big hen brown.
Eric_s trophy wall 006_800x600.JPG
Eric Cole's 21 LB. hen brown
esc 11.jpg
Another unique spotting pattern on this brown mount.
Fish 010 (Medium).jpg
Nice 7 LB.+ brown mount.
Fish 031_800x600.jpg
Steve Keene's 16 LB. hen brown mount from Lower Twin Lake.
fish mounts July 2007 010 (Medium)~0.jpg
My 19 LB. 6 oz. hen brown mount from Wickiup.
fish mounts July 2007 014 (Medium).jpg
The two part mold. Nothing replicates your fish any more realistically than actually casting the fish.
Rob Gogdeill's hookjaw brown from a Lake Ontario tributary.
A close up of a male brown trout head before detailing and painting.
Plug of a nice buck brown prior to painting.
IMG_4076 (Custom).JPG
Tyler Holland's brown trout mount display. He found and incorporated his own piece of driftwood for this cool effect. Nice job man!
July fishing photos 014_800x600.jpg
Ron Lane's 28 LB.+ Oregon State Record mount!
July fishing photos 017_800x600.jpg
Allan Cole's 26 LB.+ hen brown mount hangs in the Paulina Lake store.
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