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Randy and Kirk Strodel prepare the World Record rainbow for casting the mold.
Adam Konrad's 43 LB.+ World Record rainbow just prior to casting the mold.
Ak. 31in_800x600.JPG
Dave Peterson's 11.5 LB. Alaskan rainbow.
bass pros 004_800x600.jpg
Mike Sadar's 30 LB.+ Diefenbaker rainbow mount. What a monster!
Con 1 2~0.jpg
Jim Choate's son caught this unusual rainbow on a guided trip. He trusted us to do the mount.
Check out the gill cover and eye detail...awesome!
DSCN0544 (Medium).JPG
This little rainbow mount has great detailing! Check it out.
This rainbow mount ended up in the Philippines.
fish mounts 001_800x600.JPG
Adam Konrad's 43 LB. 6 oz. World Record mount.
fred hall_thumb.jpg
Dave Peterson's 11 Lb. Alaska rainbow mount....unusual but beautiful coloration.
An unusual golden/rainbow hybrid mount.
Bob Emens sent this photo of the 10 LB.+ rainbow mount we did for him. A friend supplied the pine burl wood and Bob put the display together himself. Nice job!
june 263 (Custom).jpg
The mount of Tim Wolfe's big gerrard rainbow.
Kelly_s rainbow 002_800x600.JPG
Steve Kelly's 17 LB.+ rainbow mount from Pend Oreille.
LDT 1 7.jpg
A beautiful rainbow mount we did for a customer in Wyoming.
LDT 3 7.jpg
A small rainbow and golden trout mount.
This unique rainbow paint job.
Mix pictures #2 030_800x600.jpg
Rainbow trout on wood slab backdrop.
Mix pictures #2 033_800x600~0.jpg
The unpainted plug of the World Record rainbow.
Mix pictures #2 083_800x600.jpg
The second reproduction of Adam Konrad's World Record rainbow. A slightly different paint job than the original one.
Mix pictures #4 036_800x600~1.jpg
Rainbow mount from Shasta Lake, Ca.
Mix pictures #5 005_800x600~0.jpg
6-7 LB. rainbow mount.
Mix pictures 296_800x600~0.jpg
Killer 14 LB. hookjaw male rainbow mount.
mixed pictures#6 204_800x600~0.jpg
Notice the coloration and spotting details.
mixed pictures#6 231_800x600.jpg
My 26 LB. rainbow plug before paint.
mixed pictures#6 252_800x600~0.jpg
My 26 Lb. rainbow mount from the Diefenbaker trip.
mixed pictures#6 253_800x600~0.jpg
My 21 LB.+ gerrard hen mount from Pend Oreille.
mixed pictures#6 343_800x600.jpg
Garrick Chinn's rainbow mount from Canada
mixed pictures#6 384_800x600~0.jpg
My 16 Lb. gerrard rainbow mount. My first big rainbow was caught in 1990 at Lake Pend Oreille, Id.
mixed pictures#7 019_800x600.jpg
We never get tired of doing rainbow trout mounts. Can we do one for you?
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